Triangle Tube PTO Shaft(B) – Premium Quality & Reliable Performance

Triangle Tube PTO Shaft(B) – Premium Quality & Reliable Performance

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Find the perfect TRIANGLE TUBE PTO SHAFT(B) for your tractors in Yancheng, China! DLF offers top-notch power transmission with tube yoke options, plastic guard choices, and various tube types. Discover the best solution now.

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The triangular tube power output shaft (B) is a power transmission device specially designed for tractors. This PTO shaft is manufactured in Yancheng, China by the famous brand DLF, known for its excellent quality and reliable performance.

One of the outstanding features of the triangular tube PTO shaft (B) is its versatility. It is available on a variety of tractors and suitable for a variety of agricultural applications. Whether you have a small farm or a large commercial operation, this PTO shaft is sure to meet your power transmission needs.

The triangular tube PTO shaft (B) is equipped with different types of yokes, including tube yokes, spline yokes and plain bore yokes. These changes allow for easy connection between the tractor and the machinery it drives. Additionally, the yoke is machined through forging or casting techniques, ensuring its strength and durability.

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To ensure operator safety and prevent any accidents, the triangular tube PTO shaft (B) is equipped with a plastic protective cover. Depending on the model, the plastic guard can be 130, 160 or 180 series. The guard provides a protective barrier that prevents any loose clothing or debris from becoming entangled in the rotating shaft, minimizing the risk of injury.

DLF provides triangular tube PTO shaft (B) in various colors, such as yellow and black. This allows for easy identification and aesthetic compatibility with the tractor or machinery to which it is paired.

Triangular tube PTO shaft (B) designs are available in different tube shapes, including triangle, hexagon, square, involute spline and lemon shape. This diversity ensures there is a suitable tube type for every specific application or requirement. Whether you need a shaft for high torque transmission or improved stability, there is a tube style to meet your needs.

In summary, the DLF's triangular tube PTO shaft (B) is a powerful and reliable tractor power transmission device. With its versatile design, different yoke options, safety plastic guards, multiple color options and different tube types, this PTO shaft offers flexibility and performance. If your tractor requires a durable and efficient power transmission solution, look no further than the triangular tube PTO shaft (B).

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Triangular tube PTO shaft (type B) and its application

The triangular tube power take-off shaft (type B) is an important component of tractor power transmission. Manufactured by DLF in Yancheng, China, this high-quality product is designed to provide efficient, reliable operation for a variety of agricultural applications.

The primary function of the triangular tube PTO shaft (Type B) is to transmit power from the tractor engine to various attachments such as lawn mowers, cultivators, and hay balers. This allows farmers to perform a variety of tasks, including plowing fields, mowing grass, and baling hay. With its rugged and durable construction, the PTO shaft ensures smooth, continuous power transmission even under demanding conditions.

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Triangle-tube PTO shafts (Type B) feature tube forks, splined forks, or plain bore forks, depending on the specific requirements of the tractor and attachment. These yokes are made through a forging or casting process, ensuring their strength and precision. In addition, the PTO shaft is equipped with a plastic guard (available in 130, 160 or 180 series) for additional protection and safety.

One of the distinguishing features of the triangular tube PTO shaft (Model B) is its color selection. It is available in yellow, black and other colors that farmers can match according to the tractor's design or personal preference. This attention to detail not only enhances the tractor's overall appearance but also demonstrates the manufacturer's commitment to delivering products that are customizable and beautiful.

In terms of tube type, the triangular tube PTO shaft (Type B) offers a variety of options. Farmers can choose from triangular, hexagonal, square, involute spline or lemon-shaped tubes depending on their specific needs. Each tube type has unique advantages in terms of strength, torsional flexibility, and compatibility with different attachments.

Triangular tube PTO shafts (type B) are used in a wide range of applications. It is widely used in various agricultural activities including tilling, planting, harvesting and maintaining pastures. In addition, it is suitable for other industries that require power transmission, such as construction and landscaping.

In summary, the Triangular Tube PTO Shaft (Type B) is a versatile and reliable product designed specifically for tractor power transmission. With its rugged construction, multiple tube types and yokes, and customizable features, it provides farmers and other industries with a high-quality solution for their power transmission needs. So whether you're plowing, mowing or baling hay, the Triangle PTO Shaft (Type B) ensures smooth and efficient operation.

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