Tube – Best Selection of High-Quality Tubes for All Your Needs

Tube – Best Selection of High-Quality Tubes for All Your Needs

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DLF triangle tube yokes are reliable power transmission components for tractors. Made in Yancheng, China, these yellow-black yokes come in various tube types and are forged or casted for durability. Improve tractor performance with DLF tube yokes.

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A tube is a tubular object usually made of metal, plastic, or rubber. It has the following characteristics:

1. High strength: Since tubes are usually made of metal, they have high strength and durability. It can withstand a lot of pressure and weight and is suitable for various industrial applications.

2. Various shapes: tubes have various shapes, such as triangle, hexagon, square, involute spline, lemon shape, etc. Different shapes are suitable for different uses and can meet different needs.

3. Shaft connector: tubes are often used as shaft connectors for power transmission. It can connect the drive shaft and other transmission components to ensure efficient power transmission.

4. Various processing methods: The processing method of tubes can be forging or casting. This means that different processing technologies can be chosen as needed to obtain the required performance and quality.

5. Plastic protective cover: Some Tube products are equipped with plastic protective covers, such as 130 series, 160 series and 180 series, which can provide additional protection and safety.

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The above are some of the main features of Tube, which make Tube an indispensable component in many application fields.

Product Description

Our product model is B (triangular tube), which is mainly used for agricultural tractors transmitting power. Here is a detailed description of the product:

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Brand name: DLF

Place of Origin: Yancheng, Jiangsu, China

Shaft connector: It can be a tube shaft connector, a spline shaft connector or an ordinary hole shaft connector, choose according to your needs.

Processing method: can be forged or cast to ensure product quality and performance.

Plastic protective cover: You can choose 130 series, 160 series or 180 series. Different series offer different protection and security.

Color: You can choose different colors such as yellow and black.

Tube type: Triangular, hexagonal, square, involute spline or lemon shape can be selected according to needs.

Our products will provide superior quality and performance to meet the transmission needs of various agricultural tractors. Our tubes offer high strength and durability to meet the requirements of a variety of industrial and agricultural applications.


As a tubular object, Tube has the characteristics of high strength, multiple shapes to choose from, can be used as a shaft connector, various processing methods, and can be equipped with plastic protective sleeves. The B-type (triangular tube) products on the market of our company can be used for power transmission of agricultural tractors. Our products have excellent quality and performance, and different parameters and configurations can be selected according to needs. Whether it is industry or agriculture, tubes are an indispensable component.

Product Application

tubes are widely used and diverse, with a wide range of uses and functions. One such application is in the field of power transmission, specifically tractors. Tube yokes, whether triangular, hexagonal, square, involute splined or lemon-shaped, play a vital role in the smooth and efficient operation of a tractor.

The tubes used in tractors are often called tube yokes, spline yokes or plain bore yokes. This tube yoke is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to various components of the tractor, allowing it to perform heavy-duty tasks with ease. Without the tube forks, the tractor will not operate efficiently and its power transmission capabilities will be affected.

DLF is a well-known brand located in Yancheng, China, and is a leading manufacturer of tractor forks. Its model B is specially designed to meet the power transmission requirements of tractors. With expertise in forging and casting, DLF ensures that its tube yokes are of the highest quality, providing durability and reliability.

One of the main features of the DLF tube yoke is the plastic guard. Available in Series 130, 160 or 180, this shield provides additional protection to the tube yoke, preventing damage to external components and extending its service life. The plastic shields are available in a variety of colors, including yellow and black, allowing customers to choose according to their preferences.

The choice of tube type is also an important consideration when selecting a tractor tube yoke. DLF offers a range of tube types including triangular, hexagonal, square, involute spline and lemon. Each tube type has its own advantages and is suitable for different tractor models and applications. Customers can choose the tube type that best suits their specific requirements and preferences.

In short, the tube fork plays a vital role in the power transmission of the tractor. DLF and its Model B tube yokes provide a reliable and durable solution to tractor power transmission needs. DLF offers options such as plastic guards, various colors and different tube types, providing flexibility and customization to meet the different needs of tractor users. Trust DLF for all your yoke needs and experience enhanced tractor performance and efficiency.


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